Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:


Thank you for your enquiry and booking at the Eagles self catering holiday Chalets. We trust that you will enjoy your stay at our beautiful holiday chalets.


  1. All guest are requested to thoroughly note the contents of this document because it contains essential information.
  2. All guest visiting Eagles self catering holiday chalets are required to comply with the terms and conditions, even though they have not signed the attached agreement.
  3. The person who made the reservation and signed the necessary documents is responsible for informing the rest of the guest in the group about the terms and conditions, and hereby acknowledge that he/she will be personally liable for the payment of all charges incurred by him/her or on behalf of the group during their stay at Eagles self catering cottages.
  4. By paying for your reservation you confirm that you and your entire group, understand and accept our terms and conditions set out in the attached agreement.
  5. Right of access is reserved.


  • If bookings are made 14 days or more before the date of arrival, a 50% deposit will be payable within 3 day The balance must be paid 14 days before the date of arrival.
  • If bookings are made 13 days or less before the day of arrival, the full amount is payable within 24 hours of making the reservation.


1.1 Our System will automatically cancel the booking if:

  • Payment does not take place as set above.
  • The correct reference number is not used.
  • The correct amount is not paid in time.
  • Only electronic payment will be accepted.
  • No cash payment will be accepted on arrival.
  • Eagle Holiday Cottages CC’ banking details are as follows:


  • Evidence of payment must be e-mailed to info@egles.com.na
  • Use the reference number on the quote (QUA____) as your reference.
  • If booking due to late or incorrect payments are cancelled, we do not guarantee that the date will be available again

       All cancellation of bookings must be in writing.


  • No refunds will be paid if the booking is cancelled.
  • In the case of a guest who does not arrive at all, the total booking amount is forfeited.
  • If a client does not stay all the nights of their reservation, the remaining booking amount will be forfeited.



  • No refunds will be made for any late arrival of early departure.
  • No refunds for people who do not arrive with their group.
  • Cancellation request must be made in writing.



  • The owners and management of Eagles self catering holiday Chalets will not be responsible for any false or erroneous information made by other companies, websites, travel agencies or persons regarding Eagles self catering holiday Chalets. No refunds for bookings made as a result of such incorrect information will be made.


  • Check-in time is from 14:00
  • Check-out time is before 10:00


  • Guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to Eagles self catering holiday Chalets caused by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible.
  • Eagles self catering holiday Chalets is not responsible for your personal belongings and valuables like, money, jewellery or any other valuables left by guest in the rooms.
  • The guest has examined the premises, including the appliances, fixtures and furnishing, and acknowledges that they are in a good condition and accepts them in its current condition.
  • The guest will not remove the management appliances, fixtures or furnishings from the premises.
  • Upon departure, the premises must be left as you found it upon check-in. The conditions of the premises must be unchanged.
  • There will be an inspection of the premises upon check out in order to access that items are not missing and that there is no abnormal wear and tear to the chalet caused by the guest during their stay (for example, broken window, damaged furniture, soiled or burned linen, couch or rugs, etc…)
  • If repairs and or replacements are required the guest must notify the management of such repairs and or replacements. The guest hereby agrees to reimburse the management for any loss or damage.
  • Boma: this area needs to be pre book with the manager N$ 250.00 per event. No parties or loud noise between 10pm and 6 am allowed.


  • Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited inside the chalets.


  1. PETS
  • A small pet (up to 6kg) is welcome at our chalet only with prior arrangement before arrival!
  • Guest will be responsible for the cost of the de-fleaing, deodorizing, shampooing and repair of any damage of any portions of the premises, caused by the pet that has been on premises at any time during the term of stay.


  • Guest shall not keep on the premises any item of dangerous, flammable or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosion on the premises or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company.
  • Possession of firearm, ammunition is strictly prohibition ammunition on the premises.
  • As per Henties Bay Municipality, no fish may be gutted or cleaned on the premises.
  • Do not wash your car, motorbikes or trailers on our premises. In cause of offence of above a cleaning fee of N$ 250.00 will be charged.




9.1  Addresses and Notices:

       For purposes of this Agreement, including the giving of notice and the serving of legal process, the Parties respectively

       choose domiciliumcitandietexecutandi as follows:

9.1.1  Eagle Holiday Cottages CC: Jakkelputz road …., Hentiesbay

          E-mail: hbestate3@afol.com.na

9.1.2  The Guest: info@egles.com.na

          E-mail: hbestate3@afol.com.na



I, the undersigned, do hereby unto and in favour of Eagle Holiday Cottages CC, their holding and subsidiary and

associated companies if any, and each and every interest holding, director, employee, agent and representative of Eagle

Holiday Cottages CC and their holding and subsidiary and associated companies (individually and collectively) hereinafter

referred to as “Eagles self catering holiday Chalets”;


  1. Acknowledge that I will be staying at the house referred to as Eagles self catering holiday Chalets, Hentiesbay and that
    my stay will be entirely at my own risk;
  2. Release Eagle Holiday Cottages CC from all and any liability and waive all and any claims, of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, which may arise from any cause whatsoever during the period of my stay;

iii.    Indemnify and agree to hold harmless Eagle Holiday Cottages CC against all and any claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever during the period of my stay which any one of more of my dependants or any third party may have, including, but not limited to, claims arising from my death, personal injury or loss or damage to my possessions;

  1. Agree to adhere to all regulations which may be brought to my attention during the period of my stay, by either the management, agent, representative or shareholding of Eagle Holiday Cottages CC;
  2. Without derogating from the generality of the a-foregoing, acknowledge that Eagle Holiday Cottages CC shall not be liable to me or any of my dependants, relatives or guest for any injury, illness, harm, loss of support, consequential loss, damage or damages of whatsoever nature that may be sustained from any cause whatsoever (including but not limited to negligence and/or fault) during my stay;

vii.  I am aware and understand that this document has legal consequences and implications. I have read the document and acknowledge that I am bound thereby.